Friday, August 28, 2009

I forgot to post this photo of me and 3 of my friends, Avi, Casey and Nadhira. I'm posting it here cos it's pretty much our favorite photo right now! We had a gang called CaN@ (stop laughing now) 6 years ago and the name kinda sums it up. I love them very very mucho! Dontcha mess with them. 

On to my not-so-lovely day! :)

I got REALLY pissed yesterday. Wait, pissed is a total understatement. SOMEBODY just had to have some a-hole friends that annoy the shit outta me. Their jokes were kind of an advantage for me in the beginning but now they're just plain old intimidating. That certain somebody should really fess up to me and man-up! It feels like I'm the older one here, when I'm obviously not. Sheesh, get serious and start. thinking. of. my. feelings.

Right now, the "silent treatment" is on its cue.

I'm done being patient. Adios locos!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pain is inevitable.


I need more sleep. Pfffttt, I wish.

Fab lane.

Yeehaw! Finally, a friggin blog. About time yeah? Especially when pretty much everybody has one too. Aren't first posts awkward? Well,  I think so. 

Last night was one of the most frustrating nights. Ever.
I've never found myself doing something for 6 straight hours, for a damn assignment. I'm so scared of failing in everything I do and lately, I've been thinking about school. This is what thinking leads to --------> worrying the shit out of myself. I wouldn't jot down details of what happened, it was too tiring. Way too tiring for you.

Oh, and wanna know something?
Make that, scared shitless.